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  • Short-lived motor

I bought this May 13th and on December 29th the motor burned out.


  • Inconvenient to carry

Hairdryer is heavy,also, thick heavy tangled electrical cord gets in way, does not have dual electric capability for outside of the country. The unit is NOT happy running on US 120V power even though the plug fits a standard US receptacle. It weighs a ton, ..., and the cord is so long you could jump rope.


  • Expensive

People have $500 to spend on a blow dryer??????


  • High dryer temperatures

Even on its lowest setting, it is uncomfortably, scalp-scorchingly hot. Well, after using it for a week, I noticed that my hair turns very dry, almost straw like, even when I used it on the lowest heat setting.

  • Quiet

I love that it is very quiet and I don't feel like I'm "frying" my hair. 



  • Dry fast

The time to blow dry my hair has radically been reduced to 20-30 mins(really long and curly puffy hair).


  • Smooth

My hair lays much more smoothy and has so much more movement and less weight.

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